With a Next bike, Moms, Dads, boys and girls can all enjoy a quality ride at a price that’s easy to live with. Comfort, styling and performance are what make Next bikes stand out from the rest – things like 18-speed shifting and rotor handlebars. In fact, Next offers many of the features you would expect to find on higher priced bikes.

Whether it’s taking the turn, climbing a hill, or coasting down a flat, open road, you’ll always be ready for the ride ahead on a Next bike. Next comes in a variety of sizes and styles to choose from including kids’, BMX, and mountain. So no matter who you are, or the type of riding you enjoy, you can be part of the Next generation.

Next bikes feature:

  • Cushion frames with suspension forks
  • 18-speed shifting
  • Hand-pull caliper brakes
  • Fashion and safety accessories such as handlebar shields, fashion bags and streamers

So what’s Next? Just imagine the possibilities. For the active family that loves to ride, there’s nothing quite like a Next bike.

Next. The ride ahead.

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